40 On-App $880 per week + Equity

Job Title: Ride-Share Platform Service Provider Beta Tester

Location: Vancouver, WA

Position Type: Full-time

Salary: $880/week

Company: DRGN Inc.


DRGN Inc., a technologically-driven firm, is seeking dedicated individuals for the position of Ride-Share Platform Service Provider Beta Tester. We offer a unique opportunity to work with our new ride-sharing platform in real-world conditions while gaining ownership in a fast growing venture and earn a competitive income.

**Main responsibilities**

As a beta tester, you will provide transportation services via our ride-share platform, testing its functionality and providing vital feedback. The main aim of this role is to observe, analyze, and collect data on the user experience to improve the platform's functions and services. Interest in advancement into our programming team is prefered.

**Position Advantages**

Our compensation plan is generous. For 20hrs on-app, you will earn $440 per week, or maximize your earning capacity to a total of $880 per week for 40hrs on-app.

Moreover, the upkeep of the Tesla you'll be driving, including regular maintenance and charging, is entirely up to us. By taking care of these logistics, we ensure you can focus solely on your responsibilities. 

Room for advancement in our fast growing firm means that there will soon be openings for qualified and driven people interested in earning a starting salary of $60,0000.

**Additional Perks**

We understand the importance of rewarding employees for impressive performance, and as a result, all tips earned will be added to your Employee’s Stock Ownership Plan account, creating an additional avenue of income.


To be part of our dynamic team, we expect high standards of professionalism and service quality. The ability to maintain confidentiality is of utmost importance since you'll have access to proprietary technology and sensitive business information. A valid driver's license is required. Drivers must have a clean driving record and clear a background check. Driver's already cleared with another ride-share company will get special consideration.

Interested? Submit your resume and join us on an exciting career path driving innovation in the ride-sharing industry!